Corporate Workshops

Effective Communication for Global Business Opportunities
Are you:

  • An employee looking to improve your career
  • An employer looking to improve your workforce
  • A consultant or business owner looking to improve relationships?

LANS Corporate Workshops begin with a comprehensive student needs assessment followed by uniquely tailored curriculum. Workshops are private, one on one, in person or via Skype. LANS specialized Corporate Workshops are proven to improve your business communication.

Corporate Workshops Include:

  • Personalized before and after speech assessment
  • Presentation skills
  • Advanced business communication techniques
  • Accent reduction
  • Presentation skills
  • Casual Speech exercises, Question practice
  • Business Jargon, phrasal verbs, collocations, idioms
  • Intonation and linking
Whether you are an executive preparing for an important meeting, a manager getting ready for a presentation, a supervisor wanting to speak with confidence, or an employee wishing to get that promotion,

the power of clear, confident, and easily understood speech is critical to your ability to persuade, explain and engage clients and colleagues.

Group or private lessons are available in class, via Skype or even at your office.

Experience the confidence clear speech brings. Speak better, Do better, Succeed!

  • Not only have I improved my pronunciation to date, but I’ve also acquired useful tools to continue self-training going forward. Time and money spent for her course was one of the most fruitful investments I ever made.

    Akira Mizoguchi, Senior Manager | Financial Advisory, Deloitte

  • When I was working and I said “exchange or return” the customers didn’t understand me but now after studying the LANS course, the customers totally understand what I say.... I was surprised how fast I improved!

    Shoko Kawamoto, Retail Associate and Ballet Instructor

  • I work for an international consulting firm in Japan, and use English in my work. I took LANS lessons and improved my English skills dramatically. Now, I don’t feel any stress in using English. I strongly recommend that you take this course if you really want to improve your English.

    Kazuhiko Kobashi, Engineer and Consultant, McKinsey & Company

  • I’ve been working on vehicle design and Sandra’s English Classes were very helpful....Thanks to my English pronunciation and ability to describe actions with prepositions have been improved by her classes, I have been able to express my idea with high efficiency and enhancing persuasiveness.

    Satoshi Obata, Engineer, Toyota Canada Inc.

  • I wanted to speak clear, improve my pronunciation. I work in the business environment and I wanted people to focus on my knowledge and experience not on my language and accent. What an amazing experience I had... She identified my problems quickly, she knows the differences between languages.

    Alexandra Berezovskaya, Real Estate Salesperson

  • Before I started the LANS, some clients did not understand what I was saying because of my Japanese accent. Some of them even requested transferring the call to another representative who spoke better English. After several lessons with you, I noticed that phone calls with clients became much easier and less stressful. People stopped complaining about my accent. I strongly recommend the LANS Pronunciation Course for anyone who wishes to improve his/her English speaking skills.

    Yoko Gimelfarb, Customer Service Associate, Oanda Corporation

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