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Author, teacher, radio broadcaster and pronunciation program innovator, Sandra Kowalik has over 20 years experience teaching pronunciation to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian, Spanish, Iranian, and many other foreign speakers of English. Prior to teaching pronunciation, Sandra worked as a radio broadcaster in Toronto, Canada, and in the sound department for the television station CTV. She also worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and on independent feature films.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University and TESL certification. Sandra’s professional background combined with her unique understanding of the challenges and weaknesses in pronunciation of foreign speakers of English led her to develop the revolutionary LANS English Pronunciation Method greatly improving and accelerating results for students of her workshops.

She has taught thousands of people including businessmen and women, doctors, professors, scientists, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, as well as many other professionals. She has also worked with students and children. To make her innovative method available to more foreign speakers of English beyond her classroom, Sandra published a pronunciation book and companion video. Embracing the Japanese concept of Kaizen, continuous improvement, Sandra developed the next wave in interactive learning and built interactive, multimedia, e-Learning tutorials to help LANS students across the globe achieve their potential.

History of LANS

Hello and thank you for visiting LANS (Like A Native Speaker)

Over 20 years ago I chose to leave the corporate world of television and radio broadcasting to begin a personal and professional journey that began as the Best English Tutor.

Working then as a radio announcer in Toronto and freelancing for CBC, CTV television stations in Canada and in the film industry, I became fascinated with challenges non native English speakers had in mastering the English language.

Using my professional background, my Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting and my TESL certification, I began teaching English pronunciation to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Iranian, Russian and other students from around the world looking to master English. For more than 2 decades I have been listening, understanding and improving English pronunciation for students of all nationalities and disciplines.

Moreover, during my 12 years as the Best English Tutor (2000 to 2012) I began to see patterns and re-occurring weaknesses in English pronunciation in the students I taught. .After having successfully taught more than 1000 students to master English pronunciation I have developed a revolutionary method that greatly increases the speed of learning English by focusing on pronunciation weak points in innovative ways.

The LANS method is revolutionary because it simplifies learning and makes it easy to understand.
The LANS method is fast, clear and effective, and permits my students to self correct as they increase their vocabulary throughout their lives.

I have taught hairdressers, pharmacists, engineers, doctors, students, college professors, people on a Working Holiday Visa and others and all have emerged from my program with the skill, knowledge and confidence to speak English like a native speaker (LANS).

With the development of my unique trademarked method I have taken the necessary step of moving from the Best English Tutor to the next generation in effective English pronunciation education, the LANS Method!
LANS is the sum total of all the knowledge and experience I have gained in over 20 years of teaching and more than a decade as a communication professional in the broadcast industry distilled into these concise educational materials.

I am proud of what the Best English Tutor has accomplished and in that tradition of teaching innovation
I welcome the next evolution of English pronunciation, the LANS Method!

LANS uses the most unique and revolutionary teaching tools that currently exist in the English pronunciation industry.

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