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Achieve better results faster, for less money

No matter what your area of interest, LANS has a Workshop and a price plan to help you speak clearly, faster, and for less money.


LANS provides Corporate, Medical, Education and Travel/Social Workshops to meet your needs. LANS is the last pronunciation training you will ever need.

LANS is Pronunciation for Life!

Workshops include:

• Customized pronunciation curriculum designed for your specific needs whether you are a business or medical professional, a student or on a working holiday visa.
• Assessment of your weak points
• LANS Complete Pronunciation Education
• Unique LANS Fluency Training Tools
• Continuous testing and assessment of your progress
More details will be provided at the Trial Lesson

Working Holiday Visa discount

If you have a government issued, valid WORKING HOLIDAY VISA permit, you qualify for an additional discount.
Listen to what some former students have to say about the value and effectiveness of LANS Workshops!
  • Time and money spent for her course was one of the most fruitful investments I ever made.

    Akira Mizoguchi, Senior Manager | Financial Advisory, Deloitte

  • I work for an international consulting firm in Japan, and use English in my work. I strongly recommend that you take this course if you really want to improve your English.

    Kazuhiko Kobashi, Engineer and Consultant, McKinsey & Company

  • I was awakened to the truth at my first lesson, I had a lot of misunderstandings about English pronunciation, even though I had learned English for 25 years in Japan.

    Dr. Hideki Tsubota, Cardiac Surgeon Research Fellow, Sunnybrook Health Science Center

  • I would like to thank you for the help you gave me for the IELTS exam. I took the exam and I got a great result.

    Ayaka Praturion, Pet Groomer

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English Pronunciation Specialists for Asian Professionals. LANS Pronunciation Workshops are the last pronunciation education you will ever need.

LANS is Pronunciation for Life!

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