LANS Money Back Guarantee

75 -100% Improvement or your money back*




The LANS Method provides unparalleled accent reduction to LANS Workshop graduates above and beyond the results available through traditional ESL pronunciation classes or pronunciation tutors. The LANS method leads directly to rapid and dramatic improvements in English pronunciation and fluency. We are so confident in the quality results our students will achieve that we guarantee, on average, 75-100% improvement in your English pronunciation, or your money back!*

75% improvement is our minimum guarantee but most students will achieve even greater improvement than that to a maximum of 100-200%. 

Let us prove to you that LANS Pronunciation Workshops are the last pronunciation training you will ever need. LANS is Pronunciation for Life!

*In order to qualify for the 75% improvement guarantee*, students must complete the OPTION 1 Workshop in no more than 29 weeks (and OPTION 2 in no more that 23 weeks) and practice independently with the Workshop materials for at least 30 minutes daily for the duration of the Workshop.

*Improvement is determined by providing an Initial and Final English pronunciation Detailed Assessment. The Initial Detailed Assessment provides a starting point to compare to the Final Detailed Assessment completed on the last day of the workshop. The number of errors calculated in each assessment is compared to determine a percentage of improvement.


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English Pronunciation Specialist with Improvement Guarantee. LANS Pronunciation Workshops are the last pronunciation education you will ever need.

LANS is Pronunciation for Life!

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